About Us

UAB "Jūsų sodui" was established in February of 1991. Our first ventures into the local market included growing flowers, arranging bouquets and producing flower baskets. From that time during the past 26 years, our company has steadily grown. At present UAB "Jusų sodui" can offer to our customers a wide variety of flowers and decorative plants. We make use of the most up-to-date techniques and technology in flower and plant cultivation, and therefore can guarantee high-quality, attractive yet inexpensive products.
UAB "Jūsų sodui" is the authorized representative of DE RUITER SEEDS in Lithuania with the exclusive right to market its popular tomato, cucumber, paprika and eggplant seeds. We can also provide many kinds of seedlings for over 150 varieties of flowers, specializing in balcony flowers. "Jūsų sodui" is one of only several local firms offering lawn turf, which we grow on our own fields and can deliver to any location within Lithuania. Our firm is the country representative of JIFFY, a leader in seedling cultivation technology and producer of an extensive selection of peat pellets, vases and seedling beds, which we market.
At "Jūsų sodui" we serve the entire Lithuanian market and, at the request of our customers, can provide door-to-door deliveries of our products.
UAB "Jūsų sodui" maintains its own blueberry plantation of 12,1 ha located about 50 km south of the capital, Vilnius. Our plantation is equipped with the latest irrigation and anti-frost technologies, which will help guarantee a stable supply of berries without regard to the vagaries of early spring weather. It is the largest blueberry plantation in Lithuania and the most modern in the Baltic countries. We plan a 2012 harvest of approximately 50 tons, which will gradually increase to a planned peak of 100 tons as our bushes mature. We mainly grow the very productive Reka, Nui, and Puru New Zealand varieties, which have established themselves very well in their new home in southeast Lithuania. UAB "Jūsų sodui" has an established network of domestic and foreign buyers. Our main customers in Lithuania are the major Maxima, Iki and Rimi supermarkets. We export about half of our berry production to Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Estonia. In 2012, we plan to double our exports to Sweden and the Scandinavian market in general. 

UAB "Jūsų sodui"  is composed of the following departments:

  • Administration (Daugėliškio str. 11-7, Ph. +370 526 52585, fax: +370 523 14238)
  • Nursery and greenhouse (Kunigiškių str. 63, Vilnius, Ph. +370 5 2606018)
  • Garden centers ( Kunigiškių str. 63, Žirmūnų str. 64, all conveniently located in Vilnius).

We work closely with major foreign firms engaged in plant cultivation and the provision of gardening inputs. Each year we participate in a large number of exhibitions and conferences both in Lithuania and abroad, during which our staff can share their experience with and learn from major plant growers.
Products and Services

  • Balcony flowers 
  • Decorative and garden plants
  • Blueberries
  • Vegetable seeds for professional growers
  • Production of Christmas wreaths